The Malmo Festival in Malmo Sweden

Discussion in 'Sweden' started by dlt, May 19, 2008.

  1. dlt

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    One my friend visited Malmo Sweden and told me many things about the place. One of the greatest things she liked was the Malmo Festival. We also like to take part in it, but she doesn’t have any idea about when is the next Malmo Festival, so can anyone help us on Malmo Festival or any other interested Malmo events to be held coming months? Also need information on the famous The Turning Torso of Malmo Sweden....
  2. precious

    precious New Member

    I guess it will be from august 1-31 but still to be confirm. You try to check it on thier website.
  3. Lynnie81

    Lynnie81 Moderator

    The festival takes place during the third week of August. The pening ceremony takes place im the Main Square, where the biggest crayfish party in the world is held. For eight days and seven nights, you can enjoy music and entertainment to suit all tastes on outdoor stages or in music marquees all around the city centre. There are also hundreds of food stalls throughout the week. And for the little ones and teenagers there are lots of fun activities.

    Leading up to August there is plenty happening in Malmo too like concert, tours, exhibitions etc. If you tell me dates your looking to travel i could give you more exact information. If you havent already booked accomodation the link below will be helpful if looking for a good deal.
  4. Lynnie81

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    The Traditional Crayfish Party which usually kicks off on the 1st August or you could check out the Foteviken viking village, or the ale stenar: the sundial of the vikings. It seems the main tourist attractions are museums and some of the ancient buildings.
  5. whiter

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    is the Malmo festivel held in 3rd week of August then I will go to stockholm and come back, can anyone tell me what platform in Malmo to get the train for Stockholm? I'll be in Malmo the 2nd of August. many thanks.
  6. fredd

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    hello, as you think, Malmo central railway sation is not so big and it can be very easy to find the platform number to catch the Stockholm train. You can see the display screens and monitors inside the station which will show the information of all the trains. Normally it's always number 4 platform but sometimes due to maintenance, they will change the platforms, so go there and just look at the display screens. allright!

    best of luck!
  7. Andrew

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    hello whiter, in my experience, Sweden's transportation is fast and pleasant whether it may be a train, bus or ferry. Malmo has international train connections and you can travel from Malmo to Stockholm in 4 hours. You can get on the high-speed X2000 train and it will reach stockholm 4½ hours. But regular trains can take up to 6 hours. so I recommend X2000, not only for its fastness but also it's convenient. You can call them on 0771-757575 and enquire about where to get the trains, cost of the ticket etc., and as well as book your ticket. Hope this helps!

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