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Discussion in 'Sweden' started by studentlike, Oct 20, 2009.

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    hey guys,

    does anyone what The Operan looks like and have you been to it? Also, how do i obtain Operan tickets? thanks
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    hi there,

    The Operan in Stockholm is truly a world class Opera house and a great part of Stockholm nightlife.

    There all kinds of shows at the Stockholm Opera house quite frequently, and the Stockholm Opera house usually runs a full schedule Monday through Saturday nights.

    However, if you intend to travel in summer, note that the Operan is closed each year from mid-June to August.

    To obtain Royal Swedish Opera tickets for any of the various shows at the Operan, you can purchase tickets online or purchase tickets in person at the Operan Royal Swedish Opera tickets booth.

    The Royal Swedish Opera tickets booth is open Monday through Friday from noon until 6 pm, and until 7:30pm on performance nights. The ticket booth is also open shorted hours on Saturdays, from noon to 3 pm.

    hope this helps

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