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    As you may or may not know, Lego was born in Denmark. So many people wanted to take factory tours back in the day, they company decided to open Legoland. The original is located in Billund, Lego's home. Today, there are Legoland parks around the world, including Southern California and Florida, but it all started with Legoland Denmark.

    Have you had a chance to visit any of them?
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    big lego fan

    I am a big Lego fan and Im in my 50's...I still have my 483-1: alpha-1 rocket base and most of the early space and castle sets my mum bought me during my elementary years. Im actually a bit of a collector and recently purchased the Star Wars license and 7131-1: anakin's podracer set. Of course, being such as huge fan I couldn't not miss visiting date, I have been to the Legoland's in Denmark, California and Germany.
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    Legoland park best for families

    im also a legoland fan but i find that the legoland parks are more for families with small kids...don't get wrong it's still great fun. I just don't think is so great for just grownups, which is good because you won't have the park filled with teenagers looking for thrill rides;)
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    Lego is cool no matter what age you are , its though also the only toys I really remember from my childhood :)
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