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    Domestic tickets: The best time to buy airline tickets for Indian travel is between three months and 30 days before departure.

    International fares: The best time to buy international airline tickets is between 5 ½ months and 1 ½ months before departure. During peak seasons such as June, July and August or December holidays, purchase tickets two months in advance.
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    I've heard that tickets are cheapest when purchased on Tuesday afternoons. I don't know if that's an urban legend or fact, but I've heard that. Has anyone seen this to be true?
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    Yup! I also heard about it lately that it is on a Tuesday where in you can grab the cheapest promo fare. Thursday is a good day too for purchasing airline tickets.
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    I also heard Tuesday is the best day to buy tickets 3 weeks before your flight date.
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    It doesn't need to be expensive to buy flights any time of the year, it depends what type of flights you buy.

    The cleverest First Class passengers are paying only a little more than the person at the back of the jet sat on top of the toilets, in the middle of the middle row.

    Take a typical flight with British Airways, LAX - LHR return (11 hours each way)

    (And please feel free to go check these prices)

    Refundable Economy Seat was $4,200
    Non-Refundable Business Seat (with Insurance) was $4,600
    Non-Refundable First Seat (with Insurance) was $6,800
    (For insurance prices i went to AardvarkCompare(dot)com)

    For those of you who would prefer to keep the airlines profitable, here is the price for that Refundable First Class Ticket.. $23,423.89

    $23,400 for a First Class Refundable ticket, or $6,800 for a First Class Non-Refundable with Insurance

    $6,800 for a $23,400 seat?!

    British Airways wants $6,300 for the Non-Refundable First Class Seat.

    I then add a $450 Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance Policy

    So, for $6,800 I am paying $2,500 more than the guy with the Refundable Economy Flight. I am in First Class.

    Why does this work?

    Simple - Travel Insurance is based on risk, and the probability of claim.

    Flight prices are based on pricing models that try to gouge as much money out of a passenger as is humanly possible.

    That’s a $16,600 saving. Same flight. You’re welcome.
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    Ok I will need a minute to digest this!

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