The Zeppelin Tribune make over

Discussion in 'Germany' started by ifeellike4, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. ifeellike4

    ifeellike4 New Member

    The “Zeppelin Tribune” is easily one of the most infamous tourist attractions in Europe, probably second to the nazi concentration camps. It seems as if the German government is actually going to refurbished the Zeppeline Tribune within the Nuremberg rallying grounds, and turn it into a learning center. Would be interesting to hear what others think about this?
  2. walworldII

    walworldII New Member

    I'd thought they were allowing the zeppelin tribune to crumble into history, but then again, I cannot say Im surprised that they would refurbish this attraction since many thousands of people visit it every year. I wonder how much they intend to spend on this so called "make over"...

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