things to do at Essaouira Beach

Discussion in 'Morocco' started by dominoeffect, Aug 26, 2010.

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    hi guys,

    what can we expect from a holiday in Essaouira Beach? what are the top attractions here and what things to do at Essaouira Beach is there for tourists?
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    Essaouira Beach is similar to Agadir but it is a much more laid back destination, so there aren't much tourism here, which means that you can get a true feel of this lovely Moroccan fishing village.

    The main things to do at Essaouira Beach are enjoying the beach (of course), taking a camel ride on the beach, windsurfing and shopping at the Medina.

    Essaouira travel generally revolves around relaxation and water activities, and has great temperatures all year so you can come here any time.

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