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Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by richards, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. richards

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    hi there, my friend is visiting Abu Dhabi soon for a business reason and he would like to visit some Abu Dhabi UAE Islands, which Abu Dhabi islands are popular and what are the things to do in those islands, that is fun and leisure activities. has someone been there? which is the best time to visit these places? any tips? thanks in advance.
  2. Andrew

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    I have read in a travel site that there are 200 islands exist in Abu Dhabi and that's all located along its coast. Many Isands access may be limited but you can visit Lulu, Saadiyat, Al Futaisi, Yas Island and Dalma Islands at any time.

    Lulu Island is a perfect spot for short weekend trips and you can enjoy the beaches and cafeterias on the island. Saadiyat is a luxury leisure destination whicah has wonderful world-class entertainment centres, resorts and museums. Al Futaisi is a bird spotter’s paradise and it's located within five kilometres of Abu Dhabi city. This island offers a range of activities such camel riding, horse riding and you can explore Al Futaisi by bus and bycycle as well.

    Yas Island is UAE's popular spot for sports and leisure centre. It has many attractions including Ferrari Theme Park, water park, a Formula One circuit and equestrian centre. Dalma Island has archaeological museum, agricultural research centre and many things to do.

    The Abu Dhabi has a sub-tropical weather and the months between November and April are the most ideal months to visit these islands. Just tell your friend to visit Palm Island Dubai as well if he gets time, it's also a fabulous place. convey my regards to your friend!
  3. richards

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    Thank you, when he comes back he would like to do some shopping in Abu Dhabi, especially he likes to buy gold bangles for his wife, so can you recommend a good shopping mall or gold shop to do Abu Dhabi shopping? thanks.
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    hi, just get a taxi and go to one of the Gold Souks of Abidhabi, I know 2 gold soucks, one is the new one and the other is old. Go to the new gold souck and there are lots of things on display, choose nice bangles from one of the shops and pick whatever you want. I bought 2 chains for my daughters and they were very nice designs. They are wearing it and still it looks brand new one, you can also buy it and have a nice shopping in Abu Dhabi:)

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