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Discussion in 'Aruba' started by missy, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. missy

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    hi there, can anyone give some ideas on things to do in Aruba, my brother and his 4 friends are planning 8 days vacation in Aruba and all of them are around 20's. what are the most exciting activities or places for teen agers, if anybody give some suggestions or travel plans for 8 days, it would be really helpful for them to plan according to that.
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    We have a fantastic page that suggest Things to do in Aruba. You could spend a day at the beach and partake in water sports, go on a cruise, play golf, visit a casino, visit the Lourdes Grotto and much much more.

    You mention the people staying are in their 20s so i would suggest you look at the information we have on the Aruba Nightlife and hopefully this will give you even more ideas on what to do on your trip.
  3. Ellen_zoneth

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    Hi I would like to share with you here some destinations which are most popular in Aruba for tourism.

    Arikok National Park,
    Natural Bridge,
    Alto Vista Chapel,
    Ayo Rock Formations,
    Natural Pool,
    Bushiribana Ruins - Aruba's Gold Mine Smelter Ruines,
    Lourdes Grotto,
    California Lighthouse,
    Casibari Rock Formation,
    Fort Zoutman & Willem III Tower,

    These all are awesome and gorgeous places for holidays. I hope this list will helpful for you.
  4. jennychavez

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    Eagle Beach
    Palm Island, Aruba
    California Lighthouse
    SS Antilla
  5. FionaRichards

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    Thanks Lynn!

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