things to do in armenia

Discussion in 'Armenia' started by NileRiver22, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Armenia is a beautiful country and the capital city of Yerevan is where the action is and the tourist trail begins and ends.

    The main thing to do in Yerevan is booking an organized tour and explore. If you prefer go it alone in Yerevan, make sure you see the Monastery of Geghard, Tsitsernakaberd (monument), Khor Virap (prison cell), The Cascade (monument), Matenadaran (museum of ancient manuscripts), Republic Square, and Garni (religious site).
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    If it's your first time traveling to Armenia, I suggest you book an organized tour or hire a local guide. There are a handful of qualified tourist guides in Armenia that offer tailor-made tours off the beaten track, which means you also get to venture outside Yerevan (the capital). With a guide, it's the only way you will get to see the best Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh has to offer.

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