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Discussion in 'Bahrain' started by vortiz, Jul 21, 2010.

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    we'll be staying in Al Khubar and we'l be touring a few locations in the Persian Gulf during our vacation. We'd like to visit Bahrain at some point. What things to do in Bahrain can you share with us? thanks
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    hi there,

    Bahrain is a shopping Mecca and it is the most popular thing to do. The souks (open air markets) are the places where most of the shopping takes place and where you'll find bargains. Here, you can purchase traditional items including authentic red clay pottery, weaving products, traditional clothes, and baskets.

    Two good places are the Bani Jamra and A'ali village. These two spots are excellent places to buy traditional local items.

    The Bani Jamra, in particular, is popular for its fabric weaving, and the best place to find cheap woven fabric.

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