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Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by Guopiu55, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Guopiu55

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    Hi guys,

    We are looking at a first time trip to Switzerland, but we're choosing Bern over Geneva and Zurich as they seem a bit too touristy. I am researching more about the place but I could with suggestions on things to do in Bern..any ideas?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Taking a walking tour is one of the best things to do in Bern.

    You can marvel at:

    - the Zytglogge medieval clock tower, which features moving puppets and a 15th century astronomical clock.

    - the Munster Cathedral, which is a 15th century Gothic cathedral with a soaring tower, and beautiful stained glass windows.

    Also, don't forget to check the museums there such as:

    - the Bern Historical Museum
    - the Paul Klee Collection Museum.

    Other Bern attractions that are worth adding to the agenda is a visit to the belvedere that sits atop Mount Gurten, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and mountains.
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    This sound very wonderful. I traced one side of the family tree back to Switzerland and they came from Bern. And the cool thing is they settled in Berne, Indiana.

    Back in the old country, you get to admire views of the Alps and the Aare River. There's also a zoo, the Dahlholzli Tierpark Zoo.
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    Hotels in Basel are cheaper than other hotels in Switzerland
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    Eat cheese, drink beer, visit Einstein Haus, Swim in the Marzili swimming pool, walk over the Aare River across the bridge and then walk down along the forested park path.
    Hope this helps :)
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    Bern is a delightful town, known for its charming architecture. Since the Middle Ages, bears have been the symbol of the town. You'll have the chance to see actual bears in Bern. They used to be kept in a "pit", but now they have their very own park to call their own. The pit's still around, but now it's used for special events and a reminder of the past. The bears have a large green space along the River Aare to enjoy.

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