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    I am planning a trip to Indonesia next year and I am looking for info about Kalimantan (e.i transportation, getting around, etc) and things to do there. Anyone ever been there?
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    Borneo is a gem! It has a number of nature reserves such as Bontang Reserve and Kutai National Park which boast unique flora and fauna, and an amazing cultural heritage.

    For instance, Tenggarong town, which is located up the Mahakam river from Samarinda, is home to the Sultan's Palace Museum where you can see cool objects belonging to the Sultan.

    Borneo is also a good place for water sports such as scuba diving, fishing, and swimming, as well as trekking adventures such as taking a trip along the Mahakam river in East Borneo.

    A toue along the Mahakam river is probably one of the best things to do in Borneo since you'll be able to see rare flora and fauna, floating markets and charming villages.

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