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Discussion in 'Honduras' started by mrbiglow, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. mrbiglow

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    I've been to Honduras 3 times, but never been to Copan, is it a nice place? what are the things to do in Copan, any favourite place to visit or to watch?? just I want to know...
  2. Andrew

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    One of my friends has visited Honduras few months back and he has gone to Copan too. I came to know from him that the Mayan
    , Macaw mountain, Butterfly center, Casa Kinich and Agua Caliente Hot Springs are the must see places of Copan.

    The Mayan city is very ancient and has pyramids, plazas, temples and the famous Hieroglyphic Staircase. The Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature reserve is also give you an unforgettable experience because you can watch many varieties of rare tropical birds in one place, it's a wonderful chance of bird watching in Copan. The visited time is between 9am – 5pm throughout the year and the fee is $10 per person.The butterfly house in Copan Ruins has over 30 species of butterflies and it's a must see attraction of Honduras. This places is just outside of Copan, on the road leading to Guatemala, so don't miss this as well.

    In addition to the above there are more places that you can visit, so while you are in Copan, definitely you'll explore almost everything!
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    thank you so much for your response, it was really very clear and more than I expected. ...

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