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Discussion in 'Cyprus' started by J.M.Kolazov, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. J.M.Kolazov

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    Cyprus is an amazing place and beautiful too. There are many things to be done on this island like taking scenic drives up to Latchi and Polis, visit Latchi harbor, sail along the beautiful coast or hire a bike and explore the Akamas.

    Has anyone been there recently? what else is there to be done?
  2. newbieszz

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    I suggest spending time in Paphos, which is entirely a Unesco heritage site. There are tons of remains of ancient villas, palaces, theatres, fortresses, tombs and Roman mosaics. Old Nicosia is also worth a visit to see the restored Büyük Han (Great Inn), which is a 16th Century Ottoman inn.
  3. renderurhert

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    here are few more things to do in Cyprus:

    1. Swim round Aphrodite’s Rock near Pissouri
    2. Eat a meze
    3. Clubbing in Ayia Napa is always fun
    4. Attend Limassol Carnival
    5. Bike along Cyprus’ National Park (you can hire bikes in Latchi)

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