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Discussion in 'Croatia' started by genx, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. genx

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    hi, Considering 5 days vacation in Dubrovnik with my family at the end of November. Are there any interesting activities that entertain kids, what are the popular places & things to do in Dubrovnik? We are looking for luxury hotels preferrabley near the beach? so please suggest one of the good beach hotels in Dubrovnik as well, any help would be appreciated.
  2. redgeek

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    Swimming is main activity afcourse :)
    But there are also nice old buildings (castle) and stuff like that...
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Hi genx, Dubrovnik is a lively city of Croatia and the popular things to do in Dubrovnik are sailing, fishing and day trips. This city offers plenty of attractions include Dubrovnik City Walls, Dubrovnik Synagogue, Ethnographic Museum, Lapad Bay and Lokrum Island. There are variety of accomodation options available at Dubrovnik ranging from budget to luxurious. If you are looking for luxurious hotels in Dubrovnik then, I suggest the Dubrovnik Palace hotel which is located in Lapad Peninsula. It has excellent amenities and outdoor pools include a a sea-water pool, children's pool and a large pool with a swim up bar. It has a scuba diving centre and great access to the beach. So I think this Dubrovnik hotel is comfortable for you. As far as I know all hotels in Dubrovnik offer comfortable stay, even you can find numerous hotels at Lapad Bay, but book it out in advance.

    Lokrum Island is one of the attractive islands of Croatia and especially kids like this island. Visiting Lokrum Island is one of the popular Dubrovnik things to do of every visitor. You can do easy day trip from Dubrovnik and the ferry ride takes 10mins to Lokrum Island. Just take a boat from Dubrovnik's Old Port and enjoy the magnificent view of Dubrovnik. In Lokrum, there are no hotels, stores or restaurants, so carry all neccessary things for your kids. Swim, sun and relax with more fun and explore the botanical garden, the remains of a Habsburg fortress & the wonderful beach of Lokrum. Have a happy Dubrovnik vacation, Best of luck!
  4. i-wan

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    Everything is possible in dubrovnik. there is beautiful sea, the Old Town and of dubrovnik summer games with various programs. everybody must have a good time in Dubrovnik.
  5. i-wan

    i-wan New Member

    You can do anything in dubrovnik. there is so many stuff to see and do, especially during the dubrovnik summer games!
  6. anagb

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