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Discussion in 'North Carolina' started by sharc, Jan 9, 2008.

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    I've booked a flight to the Triad Intl Airport, and arrive on Feb 15th - 18th with my boyfriend. It's for a Valentine's gift, and it's all a surprise, but I'll have to have get everything all planned out before.
    One problem - I booked the flight on a whim, and don't know anything about the area. I haven't booked a place to stay, as I don't even know where's the best part to stay. I know we won't want to drive for anything like 3 hours orso to get to anywhere, as that kinda sounds like it's too far. . ..please can someone help me :( ?
    It'd be kinda neat to do some of the wineries, and I figured that could be a half day, and then of course I heard that Winston-Salem is pretty, and historic, so I figured that could be the other half day.. .. . so then I've still got 2 days. I know he'd love to do something in the mountains, or something outdoors, or something active, as we're sorta hyper people that way, but I haven't got a clue. I looked up ice climbing (like a half day course), but that's offered in Asheville, and I saw Mt. Airy/that area doesn't look too far, but I can't seem to find companies/things to do!
    Please, please, please, can someone help?
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    Take a trip to the mountains and go ski :)
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