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Discussion in 'Grenada' started by Vicolette, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Grenada has plenty of things to do for everyone while on vacation like visiting the scenic Seven Sisters Falls at Grand Etang National Park, scuba diving in the crystal clear waters, satisfying your sweet tooth with fresh made goodies at the Grenada Chocolate Company, or kayaking in a glass bottom boat to see the realistic underwater sculptures. What's you favorite thing to do in Grenada?
  2. darkerthanG

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    the underwater sculpture garden is for me one of the most amazing attractions you will see in the Caribbean. Book a snorkeling. diving tour from St. Georges to see this superb attraction. Other things worth doing in Grenada is hiking up Seven Sisters Falls and visiting the Grenada Chocolate Company to sample real chocolate.
  3. OldMemphis

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    you gotta book a hiking trip to the mysterious Grand Etang Forest Reserves. This place is truly enchanting and filled with with song birds, birds of prey and doves, including Grenada's national bird, the Grenada Dove. If lucky, you may even hear the high pitch of the 'coq soleil' echoing through the trees, announcing a rain by rubbing its legs together (lol).

    You should also do an eco tour on a jeep and a bit of tubing in Balthazar Estate.
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    what do in Grenada

    Grenada is one of my favorite spots in the Caribbean. I like to go there for my winter vacations and to relax. Things to do as a tourist there include :

    1. surf at Levera Bay
    2. visit the Carriacou Museum in Hillsborough
    3. diving at Molinière Reef
    4. See Grenada's oyster beds in Tyrrel Bay
    5. boat ride to La Sagesse Nature Reserve
    6. Attend Carnival in August
  5. victorbritts

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    Adventure is in my blood and for that I want to do scuba diving in Grenada. I will try to visit Grenada in next summer vacation with adventures friends

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