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    So...I was cruising the forum and being from Idaho, I thought I'd add a little something to help those wanting to visit. There's really a lot more to do in Idaho than most people think. Some of my top favs to tell visitors are:

    1. Lewis and Clark Trail
    You can't go wrong if you love history or even if you just want to take a hike on the trail.

    2. Minnetonka Cave
    One of the great things to do in Idaho for families. The limestone caves slipt into chambers making it great for tours.

    3. Fly fishing Vacation Idaho
    Of course, great for the outdoorsmen. Just you, the fish, and a lot of relaxation. What can go wrong?

    4. Idaho White Water Rafting
    If you're not into relaxation, get a little thrill in your life with white water rafting. I highly recommend Snake River White Water Rafting. It is a pretty popular place to go so you'll want to check with a tour group in advance.

    Well, that's all I've got for now. Feel free to ask me anything.
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