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    For first time travelers to Jamaica, what activities are there to do besides swimming, fishing, and boating? All of that will be fun but looking for some other land-based activities, too. Are there any hiking trails or biking tours where visitors can experience the landscape, wildlife or go bird watching?
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    1 Swim with dolphins
    Drag yourself away from the sand, and have fun at Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios (974 5335, Admission and a jungle trail costs £10.50; join the dolphins in the water from £55; no under-eights. Swimming with dolphins can be exhausting, so if you want to connect with something slippery but slower, try swimming with stingrays at Stingray City on James Bond Beach, Oracabessa (728 1630,; £30, under-12s £13.50).

    2 Canopy Tour and quad biking
    See Jamaica from the treetops and swing through the jungle canopy. If you are scared of heights, then stay on the ground and roar through the estate on a quad bike. Available in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, for £36 a session, from Chukka Blue (972 2506,

    3 Rick's Café
    Drink monster rum punches at Rick's in Negril (957 0380) and watch the fiery sunsets. If you feel brave, dive off the cliffs - but only if you are sober.

    4 Scotchies
    Sample the best jerk chicken and jerk pork in Jamaica, at Scotchies in Montego Bay (Coral Gardens, 953 3340). It's no-frills Jamaican jerk - cheap, cheerful and absolutely delicious.

    5 Jake's
    Go off the beaten track to spend a romantic weekend at Jake's (as before). When you get there, take a canoe to the Pelican Bar.

    6 Little Ochie
    If you get to Jake's, have lunch with Blackie at Little Ochie, Alligator Pond (965 4449). Try the jerk crab or curried lobster (£11).

    7 Firefly
    Take a trip through time and visit Noël Cowar d's beloved home. When his first house on the island, Blue Harbour, became too much of a social whirlwind, Coward retreated to this spot, known as Look Out for its wonderful views over Port Maria. Here he built a simple house, in which he wrote and painted in peace - and died in 1973. It feels as if Coward was here yesterday - his shirts hang in the bedroom and the table is laid with the dinner service the Queen Mother used when she visited in 1965. (Between Port Maria and Oracabessa, 997 7201; open Monday to Friday; £5.5 0, children free.)

    8 Strawberry Hill
    If you are in Kingston, pamper yourself with an overnight stay in this cool spa resort 3,000 feet up in the Blue Mountains - another Blackwell outpost (960 8134,; one-bedroom villa, £365 d ouble full board). Take a jumper - it gets cold at night.

    9 River rafting
    Take a day off and glide down the Martha Brae (940 6398, or Rio Grande (913 5434) rivers on a bamboo raft (rafts take two passengers for £21-£28). This was Errol Flynn's favourite pastime.

    10 Bob Marley Museum
    Visit the King of Reggae's former home and recording studio at 56 Hope Road, Kingston, now a landmark museum (56 Hope Road, 978 2627,; £6, under-12s £3, closed Sunday). Don't leave without having lunch at Bob's Café. The irie ("natural") stew is a must - it was Bob's favourite dish.
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    Nice list of things to do. I'd really like to try the canopy tour. That has to be one awesome ride through the treetops! Definitely would want to check out the Bob Marley Museum. And the restaurants/bars sound like the perfect place to end the day.
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    going to Jamaica

    I've been Jamaica a few times and it's such an awesome place to go and I'm sure you'll love it too no matter what you do because Jamaica has beautiful beaches, mountains to hike and explore, great all inclusive hotels and lots of unique things you can do like safaris, listen to reggae music, swim with dolphins, etc.
  5. mitraveler

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    I would vote for seeing the waterfalls and the caves. If you're a nature watcher, you'll enjoy spending time among these beautiful vistas. Some are found on land and can be visited on guided tours. Others are underwater, so you'll need a snorkel mask to explore. The caves are sprinkled throughout the island, many close to the popular resorts.
  6. mdavid

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    Visit the haunted Rose Hall ! thats a thrilling thing to do in Jamaica! a ride through the jungles, dolphin clove for a close encounter with the marine life. Ok so you can make out just how adventurous i am. last but not the least, take a Catamaran Cruise:)
  7. Vicolette

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    I just read the history of Rose Hill. Whoa! what a story. That would definitely be something to add to the vacation itinerary in Montego Bay. Add the Jamaica Caves as another stop and the vacation would be an interesting adventure.
  8. mikejames

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    You could checkout dunn's river falls or/and mystic mountain. They are very fun
  9. sophiewilson

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    I would suggest the Blue Mountains National Park at the first priority. Spend a day here. You will definitely not regret it :) You can also visit beaches like Seven Mile Beach & Doctor's Cave Beach. These are fun destinations too
    Have fun :)
  10. Vicolette

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    More great suggestions! Mountains, falls, and national parks. My kind of fun.
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    And if you really want to add to your "bucketlist", then consider a day pass (or overnight stay) at the Caribbean's wildest, most clothing-optional, all -inclusive resort at Hedonism II in Negril where sun, fun, drinks, food and all the entertainment can be had in a no-hassle environment. I can't wait to return again in June! See you there?????
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    I recommend to find things to do in jamaica.
  13. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    I'm just back from my 12th trip to Hedonism resort and this was a 10 day experience with boating, fun in the sun, delights at night and a trip report with photos and recommendations are pending.
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    I have never been at Jamaica, but really thanks for these tips, if i will go there, i will know what to do!

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