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    we're looking at booking a trip to the Ukraine this September and I was wondering what things to do in Kiev are popular amongst tourist, and attractions we shouldn't miss?
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    hi there,

    Shopping for Ukrainian crafts and art is something you shouldn't miss out on. The historic Andriyivsky Uzviz street is the best place for this.

    Other places of interest include:

    - Independence Square where Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Communist Party.

    - The Golden Gate Kiev which was built in the eleventh century, and it was part of the wall that defined the limits of the city and protected Kiev from invaders.

    - St. Sophia Cathedral and its thirteen golden domes

    - The National Opera House and Mariinsky Palace are also worth checking out.
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    That depends on what your interests are.
    Your priorities may vary from pub to museum, so the recommendations are dependable too.
    Nevertheless the old center of the city is a one great sight by itself.

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