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Discussion in 'Connecticut' started by REdYu, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. REdYu

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    Im pretty aware that New England is not state, but i wanted to share some cool things people can do when visiting the region. If you love photography, history, short hikes and good scenery, New England is the place for you. Here it's some suggestions:

    1) Spend 1-2 days in Boston.

    2) Visit Maine coastal attractions and stay overnight possibly just to the north of

    3) Travel to the Bar Harbor area

    4) Spend the day in Acadia NP

    5) Drive a scenic loop north of Fryeburg and the Kancamagus highway across New Hampshire then on to Montpelier Vermont.

    6) Spend a day in the Mystic area of Connecticut
  2. Jimyhat

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    Great list! I'd add too taking a gondola ride on the Charles River, taking a ride on the Essex Steam Train through Connecticut River Valley and then board the riverboat to cruise the river. I believe the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat is the only combination steam train-riverboat excursion in the country, though you don't have to do both. The Steam Train & Riverboat cost $26 per adult, while the Steam train only $17.
  3. wanderer

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    New England is smaller than some states out west! I do like the lists that both of you mentioned. I would add some color tours while you're at it. Fall foliage is amazing in New England.

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