things to do in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Discussion in 'Nicaragua' started by georgex, Jul 25, 2008.

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    hi all, my brother is headed to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua in late December and his son & daughter want to do jungle walks and horseback riding. So in Ometepe Island, which place offers both theses activities and also help needed on other things to do in Ometepe Island. any help would be appreciated.
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    I have spent 3 full days at Ometepe Island, Nicaragua and it was a pefect vacation. I went with 2 of my friends and reached Ometepe from Granada by ferry.

    We took horse riding to Ojo de Agua and had a dip in the fresh water. The place Ojo de Agua is a good place to enjoy and has a gorgeous swimming hole. The weather was fine and sunny, so we were very much enjoyed. After a little relax we hopped back on the horses and came back to our hotel along the beach.It was wonderful ride and we were very happy that we got the opportunity to do some riding during this trip. So take horse riding to Ojo de Agua and have a dip in the warm spring water hole. It should be nice and hope your son and daughter will like it.

    This Ometepe island is located in the middle of the Lake of Nicaragua and it's a must see place during Nicaragua Vacation. We have visited the Green Puddle's lagoon, Pre-Columbian museum, the volcano Conception and the green volcano Madera. And we had our lunch at Santo Domingo beach.

    This island also offers jungle walks to explore the tropical jungle which has the hidden caves and cascading waterfalls, so take your trip and enjoy!
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    wow! thank you,really Ometepe Island is a nice place to visit,isn't it? we haven't heard about Ojo de Agua before,so thanks for letting us to know about it, very helpful!

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