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Discussion in 'Peru' started by urface, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. urface

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    I am planning a Peru vacation for two weeks.. and i am making a list of things to do in Peru and i am finding it hard to include a lot of the attractions in one trip. Any suggestions on how to structure the trip and what to include on my itinerary?
  2. Ruby

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    I see what you mean. There are truly so many things to do in Peru that you can't really fit it all in one trip. I'll make easy for you though:

    1) Trek the Inca Trail
    2) Explore Inca Ruins
    3) Shop at the Pisac Market

    These three are must things to do in Peru, trust me. You can't leave Peru without doing these three, especially hiking the Inca Trail and exploring the Inca Ruins. If you do, make sure you go for the 7 day tour of the Inca Trail and the Inca Ruins combined and book it in Cuzco, it's worth it!
  3. pitterparker

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    Exploring the Amazon Rainforest, Hiking the Colca Canyon, Flying over the mysterious Nazca Lines is the best things to do in peru apart from this there are much more things to do in peru.

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