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Discussion in 'Uruguay' started by ferrarimurcielago, Jul 29, 2010.

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    hiya, I have a few questions regarding Piriapolis. When does it get fairly busy in the town and when is best time to avoid the crowds?

    Second, we like all kind of activities and apart from chilling at the beach we'd like to do wherever else the town offers, any suggestions on things to do in Piriapolis?
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    I would definitely say to avoid the months of December and March because it gets very crowded here. Piriapolis beaches and hotels are open during the rest of the year, so you can visit whenever you want, but most of the shops and restaurants do close during low season.

    One of the most popular things to do in Piriapolis is to rent a bike and take a biking tour of the town.

    You can also explore the nearby hills, such as the Cerro San Antonio which you can either climb to the top or get the cable car to get to the top. Either way, once you get tot he top you'll get nice vistas of the area.

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