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    hi all,

    we're planning a trip to the Falkland Islands to explore some of the lesser known islands..we're planning to make Port Stanley our starting point, and i wanted to ask you what this sea side town has to offer and what things to do?

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    hi there,

    When you arrive at Port Stanley you will find a variety of activities and sightseeing options such as taking walking tours of the charming town. You'll find small shops and restaurants, as well as notable historic buildings such as the cottages found along Pioneer Row and Drury Street.

    Other things to do there include visiting the Falkland Islands Museum where you cann get an idea of how the Falkland islands were developed, and you can wander the hills around Stanley were the Falklands war occurred.

    In fact, if you'd like to learn more about local military history, you can also opt to take a guided tour with one of the local knowledgeable guides.
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    If you are going to the islands you may also go to Argentina's south or even Chile as well. It is really beautiful.

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