Things to do in Ptuj

Discussion in 'Slovenia' started by RomanFeduri, Mar 23, 2010.

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    hello people!

    we are traveling to Maribor Slovenia on the 15th of April and we're excited about it since it'll be our first time there. we'll be staying in Maribor but i'd like to add a trip to Ptuj..can anyone recommend things to do in Ptuj?
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    hi there,

    Ptuj is a good place to stroll around and marvel at the medieval buildings and narrow streets there. A good place to start a tour of Ptuj is the attractive main street, Prešernova cesta, where the Priory Church of St George is located along with several beautiful frescoes.

    If you are spending the night there, the center of the city has many hotels as well as a great nightlife with many bars and clubs.

    Also, while there, don't forget to visit Ptuj Castle, which is one of the most attractive historic buildings in the town. The castle museum contains many period pieces as well as a collection of furniture and tapestries, and it houses particularly interesting exhibitions.

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