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Discussion in 'Latvia' started by SimpleMinds, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. SimpleMinds

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    The beautiful city of Riga is truly a gem of a place! I had the opportunity to jet out there early this year and spent a wonderful 5 days there. Here it's what i suggest doing..

    1. Explore the old town and enjoy a lovely coffee at a cafe and dinner later at a restaurant.
    2. Take the train to Majori to visit the beach, the beautiful manor houses and a half day experience at a spa.
    3. Visit Riga Castle and take a walk along Alberta Street
    4. Take the bus/train to Sigulda to visit Sigulda Castle and do the aerial cableway
  2. Rigged3000

    Rigged3000 New Member

    Riga castle is easily the best attraction in Riga, though there are other cool places to visit like the Riga motor museum, the Latvian war museum, Nativity Cathedral, the National museum of Art and the open air museum. Definitely, take 2 weeks if you can because there's much more to Riga than meets the eye;)
  3. JamesBika

    JamesBika New Member

    Riga really bring great memories! I am planning to go back there sometime next year rather than travel somewhere like Paris or Rome. Riga is one of those underrated places you go with apprehension but leave with a smile and piece of the place in your heart.
  4. JereyParkson

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    visit the Art Nouveau District and Sigulda

    Most travelers aren't aware but Riga boasts the largest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in the world. The most impressive ones you will see n the Art Nouveau District (aka Embassy district). Also, the castles at Sigulda are worth visiting. There are two large ones staring at each other across the Gauja river valley...the whole area is so beautiful.
  5. simkelyte

    simkelyte New Member

    You should visit Latvia neighbor Lithuania!

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