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Discussion in 'Oregon' started by oplewer, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. oplewer

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    hi guys,

    How far is Seaside Oregon from Portland and what activities and things id there to do here? any suggestions?
  2. VacationBuddy

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    hi there,

    Exploring the wildlife and natural attractions in Seaside Oregon is one of my favorite things to do. One of the best places for wildlife spotting it's at North Gateway Park which has many hiking trails.

    Sunset Beach State Park is another great place for hiking and spotting wildlife such as migratory birds and even whales.

    Other things to do in Seaside Oregon include beachcombing and kite flying by the beach, and even making sandcastles is a fun thing to do if you're traveling with kids.

    hope this helps
  3. rgbartist

    rgbartist New Member

    There is an Aquarium in Seaside, they have a live webcam also if you search online. Just strolling around the shops is nice there. Beaches are all awesome.
  4. rgbartist

    rgbartist New Member

    You can see so much more with a little drive to the south, I like Pacific City, the view from Mt. Hebo, Tillamook and the three scenic cape loop. You can even head over to Lincoln city, Depoe Bay, Newport and Waldport then yachts. We stayed at a Central Oregon Coast Hotel
  5. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    If you want to head away from the beach, Seaside is close to a big river as well as a forest. You can go hiking and kayaking at this great wilderness just a few minutes from the ocean. There's also some great shopping and cute little shops here.

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