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Discussion in 'St Vincent and the Grenadines' started by mopreme, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. mopreme

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    hi, my wife and I would like to visit St Vincent on 10 holiday vacation...what's St Vincent like and what are popular things to do there?
  2. Ruby

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    As with most Caribbean destinations, you can expect to do great sailing, diving and snorkeling in some of the most beautiful reef waters on this part of the Caribbean waters.

    On this note, I'd have to say that the top St Vincent and the Grenadines attractions are the some 30 islands themselves. Island hopping is a popular thing to do and you can rent or charter a boat and set sail to the Tobago Cays or Mustique, whatever suits your fancy.

    Another popular thing to do in St Vincent is to attend the festivals which happen at the end of January and beginning of February. These include the Bequia and Mustique Blues festivals where you can enjoy jazz, blues, calypso, steel pan, and all kinds of dancing, food, and drinking.

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