things to do in Sumatra

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    If you're looking for a destination involving wildlife, scenery, nature and nice beaches off-the-beaten-path I would recommend Sumatra. The island of Sumatra is an amazing place..tons to do there like diving in Pulah Weh, seeing the orangutans in Ketambe, jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang, swim with elephants in Tangkahan, enjoy hot springs in Lake Toba. The other island worth checking out is Komodo Island.
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    if you like surfing and are experienced (or want to watch others), you cannot miss going to Tanjung Setia Beach in Krui. This beach gets super high waves that are over 16 feet high.
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    Megalithic Sites

    There are cool Megalithic Sites dating back 3,000 years ago to be seen in Pasemah Highlands. It's not too difficult getting there by bus. The nearest town to the Megalithic Sites is Pagaralam. There are regular buses leaving to Pagaralam from Bengkulu, Lahat and Palembang and Bandar Lampung. Oh, local buses are very cheap. It'll cost less than $3 there and back.

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