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    Is wildlife viewing the only thing to do in the Galapagos Island? how do most people typically explore the islands? thanks
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    Oh yes! There are many things to do in the Galapagos Islands besides wildlife viewing. For instance, you can enjoy diving day trips, sailing, kayaking and trekking tours. The trekking tour is the best of them all since you'll get to see the rich vegetation and fauna, the Galapagos is famed for.

    If you're planning to do diving but you're an inexperienced diver, best to come between November and June as the water conditions are best during this months, though, do bear in mind that some of the currents can be cold, so bring a 7-millimeter wet suite.
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    There are several museums and landmarks dedicated to Charles Darwin there. So if you are a nature enthusiast, then you explore the areas that he visited.
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    The entire area is a controlled National Park. Some of the islands may be off limits during your visit as it may be mating season, etc.

    One thing to do is find a place with little or no ambient light and observe both the Big Dipper and Southern Cross in the same sky at the same time..very unique.

    Also, try snorkeling in the warm waters and the cold Anarctic stream areas of the Galapagos. That is really different with such diversity.

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