things to do in the New Forest

Discussion in 'UK' started by Guiderking, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Guiderking

    Guiderking New Member

    Hi guys, I’m looking for some new outdoor activities to try in New Forest / Hampshire area, nothing too exhausting, any ideas?
  2. Janice56

    Janice56 New Member

    there's nothing better to do in new forest than camping, ride a bike or simply go for a walk with the dogs or kids (if you got any). New forest is a magical place and I never grow tired of going there to take my dogs for regularly walks. Other than that, Exbury Gardens, Beaulieu palace and the national motor museum at Beaulieu are a must-see.
  3. Buckd

    Buckd New Member

    go for easy walks

    I also recommend going for easy walks, especially during the warm months of the year. Aside from that, watching wolves, otters, etc at the Wildlife Park in Ashurst is another great thing to do in New Forest that won't exhaust you. Oh, dont forget to take a camera with you...the photography opportunities are endless and you'll be able to snap some amazing shots!
  4. woodhausen

    woodhausen New Member

    If you can afford i, why not go horse riding? or even better learn to ride a horse? There are a few stables in the New Forest area like Burley-Villa and Forest Park (in Brockenhurst) that will teach you the horse basics and take out for rides to explore New Forest. I tell you..there's nothing more relaxing than being on horseback;)
  5. DawnM

    DawnM New Member


    The are so many things to do in the New Forest apart from the already mentioned above you can also do kayaking, canoeing, from splashing in the sea, bug hunting in the forest or joining great outdoor activities in Beualieu.
  6. melliset

    melliset New Member

    Camping and hunting are the two things that you can do in the New forest.

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