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    hi, we're in the process of booking a trip to Uruguay and im trying to get an idea of attractions in the country..what things to do in Uruguay can be done and where is a good starting point to explore the country?
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    hi there,

    If you're only planning on a couple of days in Montevideo, you must visit the Ciudad Vieja, which is Montevideo’s old town.

    you'd love walking along the charming narrow streets and exploring the age-old architecture. In the El Centro area, you can also enjoy some fine shopping in the department and designer stores.

    Exploring the colonial architecture in Uruguay on a walking tour is certainly a top thing to do here, but another popular thing to do in Uruguay, it's to head to the beach.

    The Gold Coast in particular is known for its gorgeous coastline, and you can enjoy whale watching, fishing, surfing, and other water sports.
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    I spent some time in Punta del Diablo, a fishermen village, very pretty. It gets crowded during high season (january-february) but there are places like Cabo Polonio or Valizas, I highly recommend to visit them. These are unique spots, something you wouldn't find anywhere else. If you're adventurous like me you will enjoy the sandboarding tour sa
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    Visit these top 5 places:
    Cerro San Antonio
    Guard of the Forest (Estancia Guardia del Monte)
    Faro (Lighthouse)
    La Pedrera
    Old Colonia

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