Things to do in Vicksburg National Military Park

Discussion in 'Mississippi' started by RobertKelly, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. RobertKelly

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    If you are in the area, visiting the Vicksburg NMP is a must. You can do both a tour of the Main Visitor center, drive through the Park and visit the sights on-site such as the USS Cairo Museum, the national cemetery, and the artillery batteries located on the scenic Mississippi River lookouts. The Park has four sections which include the 16-mile main park area which has marked spots along the way.
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    Along with seeing the park, you should take the chance to visit downtown Vicksburg. It's got murals, and of course the Mississippi River. There's also a new museum that the Army Corps of Engineers opened not too long ago. It's called the Lower Mississippi River Museum. It has indoor exhibits and the M/V Mississippi IV, a boat.

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