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  1. retroutbambow

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    When going to Morocco are there formalities to follow like in other Muslim countries?...if so, what is to be expected there and what essentials do I need to have to avoid getting myself into a fix?
  2. Danny

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    -Do expect to be inundated with offers and deals in many Moroccan souks
    -Avoid being rude or aggressive when declining offers
    -Do expect to be confronted by numerous tour guides in the bigger cities
    -Be cautious of unofficial tour guides, as some guides prey on tourists and take you into unsavory areas
    -Avoid offers for a ‘tour of the town’ – especially if you do not know where they intend to take you.
    -Finally, never allow a guide to bully you into using his services. If you decide to go ahead, you should get an idea of what rate you will pay and what your guide is planning to show you before you actually hire him.
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    Morocco is not too strict in terms of clothing as any other Muslim countries. However, due to respect to the tradition we would recommend to wear skirts and shorts to your knees and then t-shirts or tank tops that are fine, as long as they are not cut too low or to tight.

    You will see in the cities many tourists walking with short skirts and no one says anything to them. You only might get unwanted attention. The further South you travel, the more religious people are and therefore dressing more conservatively would be appropriate. But again if you show your calves and part of shoulders is fine.

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