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Discussion in 'Kansas' started by oceanomar, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. oceanomar

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    I know most folk think Kansas is a boring drive when driving along interstate 70 but only if they opted out for the byways and stayed away from the I70, they would see a different Kansas. Still, even along i70, there are still a few things to see along that route such as the south end of Fort Riley, which has several museums and the Custer House, and Abilene which has the Eisenhower complex, museums and mansions you can tour.
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    Places I would suggest stopping by are Rolling Hills Zoo in Hayes, Lucas, Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, the Chalk Pyramids Monuments Rocks and Castle Rock Badlands near Quinter.
  3. Domainrk

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    Castle Rock is cool but remember that it is on private range land. Also, getting to it along the dirt road is quite rough because portions of the track huge deep ruts. It's also worth stopping for some wine tasting at the Smoky Hill Vineyards, which is located about 2 miles north of Exit 252 on Highway 143.

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