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    hey people, has anyone being to Raleigh North Carolina before and what things did you see? thanks
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    Hi there,

    Visiting the State Capital is one of the most popular things to do in Raleigh and it covers more than 5-acres where you can see the city's main state offices. These buildings are located in the center of downtown, and touring them can be part of a great day spent on foot or on a bike in Raleigh.

    The North Carolina Museum of Art, and the State Legislative building can also be found in the downtown area of Raleigh.

    Another of the great things to do in Raleigh is to bike in Raleigh through the downtown area which provides the perfect opportunity to see some of the best of Raleigh such as downtown architecture from the 19th century and early 20th century, including the Briggs Hardware Building (built in 1874) and the Century Post Office (also built in 1874).
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    try the Flying Saucer Bar and Grill downtown. Last time I was there they had 81 beers on tap and 180 bottles available...... :)

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