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Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by apocalipto, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. apocalipto

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    can someone recommend nice places to visit in Saudi? we're sorting out our itinerary and we'd like some input..cheers
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Here it is some suggestions on places to see in Saudi Arabia:

    - Visit the town of Hofuf located three hours south of Jubail where you can see a camel market and purchase local art and pottery.

    - Visit Madain Saleh Tombs which are better preserved than Petra tombs and it is said these tombs are cursed.

    - Visit Mamlakah Tower which is about 5 minutes drive from Faisalia Tower and at night time this tower looks like a beautiful curtain which changes colour.
  3. waqyum

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    Riyadh its the one most liberal of the cities, even though conservative to the extreme. Its very modern.

    Jeddah is beautiful too. its a crossroad from Africa to the middle east. This city has many foreigners its easy to get around. This one is the most Liberal of them all in Saudi Arabia.

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