Things to see in Seychelles

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    hello, Going to Seychelles in a couple of months..what are the top things to see in Seychelles? any ideas guys?
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    hi there,

    Here are some things to do in Seychelles:

    - In Mahé island you can explore the markets and pay a visit to the Botanical Gardens where you can see giant tortoises.

    - The National Museum in Victoria, which celebrates Seychelles history, folklore and music.

    - In Praslin island, you can head for the famous Vallée de Mai, which contains the double-nutted coco-de-mer palm.

    - In La Digue island you can do bird spotting and see the paradise flycatcher, as well as old plantation houses, such as Château Saint-Cloud.

    - Visit the nature reserve of Cousin and see different species of birds nesting on the island.

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