thinking of going to krakow this summer

Discussion in 'Poland' started by martiniJuab, May 19, 2011.

  1. martiniJuab

    martiniJuab New Member

    hi all we are thinking of going to krakow in early mach for a mini break, any advise weather ,safety and good hotel . and public transport from airport into city.
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    Summer is great in Poland, though it will be absolutely packed with tourist crowds. Don't worry about safety anymore that you would do back home. Krakow is a lovely and beautiful safe city.

    I stayed at the kazimerz ll hotel for two nights when I visited Poland and paid about $70 so this is one Krakow hotel I would recommend.

    Also, public transportation is second to none in Graz so getting to the main attractions is bliss:)
  3. IvanSweden

    IvanSweden New Member

    I recommend the chopin hotel in krakow.
    the staff is very helpful and it is right in the city center.

    rooms are neat and cosy. a bit small however, but basically you can't get more from a 3-star hotel.

    public transport in krakow will do the job for you, no need to get a taxi anywhere unless you party till early hours, then it's the safest thing to do. Do not hop on the night time public buses, it's always dangerous.
  4. bibimbap22

    bibimbap22 New Member

    I don't know what 'public buses' are dangerous in Krakow, it's probably the safest city I've ever traveled to. You can usually avoid paying for the public trams if you're only going to be in town a few days, and a 'milk bar' or Bar Mleczny is the best place around for an inexpensive lunch :)
  5. TommyM123

    TommyM123 New Member

    Hello!! If you find some country cheap and with a lot of partys you can go to Krakow. I was there one month ago and it was fantastic. In July have a funny party of colours, it is tradicional party in Krakow. You can find good information if you search in google: party krakow
  6. jamesberryesl

    jamesberryesl New Member

    Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for giving wonderful information as i am the same person as you mentioned party hard and low budget.

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