Tibet again off-limits to foreign tourists

Discussion in 'China' started by wanderer, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    Tibet Tourist Visas are on hold right now. China has stopped issuing the visas and have not provided travelers and tour operators with any explanations as to why. This is not unprecedented--a similar thing happened last year. If you're interesting in experiencing the culture in the meantime, Nepal, Bhutan and Indian each offer plenty of wonderful cultural experiences around the Himalayas.

    Has anyone had trouble with their visas?
  2. richardMarx

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    the Chinese government are not issuing any more permits to enter Tibet and I have a feeling that it'll stay that way for a while. Last I heard...a couple Tibetan monks set fire to themselves outside Jokhang temple in Lhasa, which is a popular destination for foreign tourists. My take on this is that the Chinese government is protecting tourists from harm's way..
  3. hazard999

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    yes, Tibet has been closed since June..a tour operator told me it was because of the Saga Dawa festival and self-immolations. It looks like Tibet will be closed to foreigners until end of September but can't confirm this. Getting to Tibet is proving more and more difficult every year specially with the strict regulations, etc.
  4. balopety

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    regulations to enter Tibet

    tell me about regulations..if china isn't closing Tibet then, the Tibet tourism bureau comes up with stricter rules every year. Last I hear from them is that foreigners need to be in a group of 5 people max and they all have to be from the same nationality. Also, as a foreigners you now have to pay a $500 deposit to the travel agency before travel permits can be processed. anyone had to cancel their trip? did u get refund?
  5. even40's

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    there's a ban for mass tourism but tourists are still able to travel to Tibet. What happened is that China has restricted independent travel to Tiber to 5 people (all of which have to have the same passport). therefore, Tibet isn't quite off limits but don't think it's a good idea to go right now. It's a sensitive time and if you're caught spying or ignoring their rules they will ban you from china for life.
  6. lifelive

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    is Tibet open or closed?

    im confused about the Tibet situation...some reports say that is closed but others say that it's open. I heard there are a few agencies that can still issue travel permits for Tibet with no group size limitation, and no mixed nationality limitation. can someone confirm this pls?
  7. Dovjoans

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    Tibet Travel Permit can be issued since April, 2013. I get this news from internet. You have to submit your application at least 15 days in advance. Application includes the scanned copy of your passport and China visa.
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