Tijuana Airport-San Diego bridge

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by sergiomarty, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. sergiomarty

    sergiomarty New Member

    A new border-spanning 400-foot long bridge now connects ticketed passengers at Tijuana Airport in Mexico with San Diego in USA. The catch? Fliers must pay $18 each way to cross it. The good news is though that the new bridge allows Americans to park on the domestic side of the border, which is only 20 miles from downtown San Diego, and walk to their flight on the Mexican side.
  2. vuional

    vuional New Member

    I am considering using the bridge when flying later this month from Tijuana to visit family in San Luis Potosi. The only thing though that when considering the cost of flying, the crossing fee is an extra though I guess it’s worth it because it's convenient.
  3. Lindaliulo

    Lindaliulo New Member

    Anyone knows if this is done now? Is this bridge working this year (2016) or still in process? It's actually a great way to travel to Mexico without taking international flights...
  4. martijacobs

    martijacobs New Member

    It takes you directly, without losing time and effort is a great thing.

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