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    need advice on tikal trip. we would like to stay in Tikal for 5 days and looking for a good tour of the forest or some other attraction nearby. Any thoughts or recommendations? We're new to Tikal.
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    The ruins in Tikal National Park in Guatemala is probably the best restored example of classical Mayan style. Guatemala has the largest Maya population of any country, and in terms of numbers, they are the dominant ethnic group. There are at least 15 distinct Mayan groups in the country, mostly living in the highlands. If you click here
    Tikal Tours you will find the best information about tours. Click on this link here for Things To Do In Guatemala also more links here so you can check the best flights or even book them online Flights To Guatemala and Tikal Hotels. The most important structures are the imposing Temple of the Giant Jaguar, which stands over 170 feet tall and was once the tomb of a high priest. Across the immense square from this structure is the Temple of Masks, which is an impressive 139 feet tall.
    Tikal is also known for its impressive stelae, or intricately carved standing stones. There are over two hundred of them at the site, the oldest of which has been tentatively dated to 292 B.C. There is a museum at the site, which features ceramics, jade and wood carvings and other relics from the various digs that have taken place over the years at Tikal. An added boon for the traveler is the natural surroundings. The archaeological site at Tikal is only part of a large national park, which is home to spider and howler monkeys, parrots, toucans, macaws, and other varied and spectacular wildlife. In fact, it is the only place on earth declared by UNESCO to be both a world culture and nature heritage site. Hope this can give you an idea. Have a great time in Tikal.

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