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  1. Texast

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    Hi guys, can i get some ideas as the best way to explore Tikal? Any must-see places? thxs
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    Hi there,

    An organized tour offers the best way to get around, and you would benefit from local knowledge of the Tikal pyramids and the great Tikal Mayan temples that you will encounter.

    With the guided tour, you can expect to visit the Tikal National Park where you can watch a variety of animals such as howler monkeys to colorful toucans, spider monkeys, falcons, coatis and the occasional jaguar or cougar.

    Other top attractions you can visit are the Morley Museum which hosts a valuable collection of Tikal ceramics and artifacts as well as Tikal tombstones.

    Tours can be found throughout the country, and in cities such as Antigua, Flores and Panajachel, you will find a great range of agencies offering exciting trips.

    Hope this helps
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