Tip or Not Tip Your Dealer?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Gaming' started by Pauseover, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Pauseover

    Pauseover New Member

    I wanted to share some 'insider' info on whether or not you should tip dealers. I have worked before as a casino dealer in Las Vegas and I can tell you that dealers do not get paid that much. Unless you're really good behind the green felt, they don't pay dealers more than 8 bucks an hour. The majority of dealers in Vegas work for minimum wage (just like waiters), which is I would tip them. I do this myself even now I don't work as a dealer.

    What about you? do you tip your dealer?
  2. racezJona

    racezJona New Member

    i know the usa is a tipping country, but tipping the dealer at a casino, really? Im sorry you guys earn min wage but I tip the dealer if i want to tip him...sorry
  3. RobertKelly

    RobertKelly New Member

    Some folks tip the dealer 5% every time they win or lose, which I say it's too much. I have one rule: I tip when I win. It might be a couple dollars, or it might be a green chip if I win big, but I give him something for sure.

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