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Discussion in 'Mexico' started by Vicolette, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    Would appreciate some information regarding tipping in Mexico. I've not traveled south of the border and a couple of places I'd like to visit are Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Is there a difference in when or how much to tip among the different areas in Mexico?
  2. Monte*

    Monte* New Member

    always tip

    tip the same as you would in Canada or the USA for good service. Workers in Mexico get ridiculously low pay and they can definitely do with tips, especially when they treat you good. When I stay at an all inclusive resort I normally tip $5 to room service lady, servers, bartenders, etc.
  3. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    Thanks for the information. Knowing it's basically the same as the US makes it simple. I didn't want to go overboard or not tip enough so your info has helped me out!
  4. abatar

    abatar New Member

    tip in Mexico

    I agree whole heartedly with what Monte said...though make sure you tip in Mexican pesos rather than dollars otherwise when they go to exchange they will receive the "buy" rate which is always discounted. Tip at least 20 pesos, which is the equivalent of $2.
  5. Sensingko

    Sensingko New Member

    tipping or not tipping, that is the question!

    i personally dont tip all the time at home, especially when I feel im forced to do it. Of course, when traveling overseas to places like south the border is a different story because you do see a lot of poverty and i kind feel guilty seeing little kids begging. Just tip however much you feel comfortable with, though tip accordingly. Say, you spend $100 in a meal and just tip $1 that would be like a slap on their face....just saying
  6. peoplemaps

    peoplemaps New Member

    I acknowledge whole heartedly with what S5620 said...though create sure you tip in Spanish pesos rather than money otherwise when they go to return they will obtain the "buy" amount which is always reduced. Tip at least 20 pesos, which is the comparative of $2.
  7. peoplemaps

    peoplemaps New Member

    Thanks for details. Understanding it's usually the same as the US allows. I didn't want to go crazy or not tip enough so your details and details has provided me out!
  8. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    Thanks for the additional info about tipping in pesos vs dollars. Much appreciated.
  9. bbrian

    bbrian New Member

    Hey Friends i was wondering wheher its customary to tip Taxi drivers in Mexico and i found out its not but surely its appreciated in case he helps you out with th edirections, you may round up on the total fare. As for tipping in resturants its about 10-15% of the bill. Does anyone know how much to tip a bell boy in a hotel?

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