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    10 things to remember about trips to Hedonism III

    1. Bring, buy, borrow and then USE sunscreen-especially your 1st few days and don’t forget both to reapply every so often and don’t forget the SENSITIVE SPOTS! I saw way too many red-lobster skinned people my time at Hedo III and spending your vacation/holiday time applying aloe vera while sitting in the shade and taking aspirin to reduce pain and swelling from sunburn is not enjoyable.

    2. Consider bringing or buying an insulated drinking mug but a caveat: more liquid refreshments means more and quicker absorption of alcohol as trips to the various bars can take time and you are more likely to hydrate with more ice waters than if you sip from one source only.

    3. Have an idea what you might like to do indoors should the occasional and unlikely passing rain showers decide to linger for several hours or longer whether it is a game of billiards, drinks under the roofs of the nude pool, quad pool or lobby bars, or even working out in the well-equipped fitness center.

    4. Wireless internet (in the lobby only) can be slow and sporadic at best. The best to access the internet is early morning before staff arrives or after hours when the system is not bogged down Downloads are faster and more reliable than uploads I stopped trying after the 1st few days)

    5. Flights to Jamaica and getting to Hedo III require almost a full travel day and don’t plan an all-nighter on your arrival date. Even simple flights from Florida can mean 8-10 travel days and it is easy to not get past one of the bars within hours of arrival and finding yourself passed out early in the evening. If you are new to Hedo III, then take time to explore the various areas and if you are a veteran, then check for new developments and start the “pacing†of both time and energy so that you can make it through your entire trip with maximum fun and energy levels.

    6. If you seek quiet areas, then you may want to remain flexible and when one area gets to noisy or busy, move to another. I know a few times around the nude pool, I either moved to the quad pool or the nude beach where the noise was more than acceptable.

    7. The towel exchange program is nothing new nor is a hassle. For a US $20 fee, you get a large beach/pool towel that is yours for your stay and can be exchanged as many times each day at each pool as needed. Just keep track of it as they are all alike when lying on the various chaise lounges.

    8. Consider joining or at least learning about any group or groups that will be at Hedo when you are planning to be there. A great source to see who might be there is: If you can't join our group in 2010 or sometime in the future, then try to find a compatible group that you might like to join or at least meet people that are members. I know we added over 20 people to the FantasyFesters during our week stay and will see them again both at Hedo and in Key West for Fantasy Fest.

    9. Expect the unexpected at either the quad or especially the nude pool at night. The liquor flows freely (literally) and the jacuzzi is called a "hot" tub for good reasons.

    10. Tipping (gratuities) are not required, expected or preferred at Hedo but it does happen on occasion. IF (and a big if) you do decide to tip one or more staff members at Hedo--please do it both one-on-one and very discreet--and please explain that while the tip is from you alone for above & beyond service, that your positive feedback on your departure survey form will reflect and earn more for them job-wise.
    NOTE: the baggage handlers at the Montego Bay airport and your shuttle bus driver ARE NOT employed by Hedo and therefore rely on tips.

    Anyway, anyone wishing to join our group & Krewe next spring 2010 at Hedo III...we would eventually like to "take over" Hedo III with our group for the week.

    In the meantime feel free to contact me if you have any questions at:

    Take care, travel safe and have safe fun!

    Ann, The TravelSlut :)

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