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  1. isallonly

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    reserving a booking at a hotel

    My advice to anyone reserving a booking at a hotel is to double-check. There's nothing worse than driving all the way to the hotel only to discover your reservation has expired and there are no more rooms available. The key to never having this happen is knowing how late is late. From experience, most hotel chains will hold a normal reservation until 6 in the evening, but if it's any later than that be sure to ask to guarantee the reservation with a credit card number.
  2. toomanychoices

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    I would remind anyone from the US traveling abroad most hotel rooms are often smaller than standard room in the States. Also, if you don't have a very specific special reason to stay at a specific hotel, use priceline. I always use priceline and bid on a room. You can use the area rates as a good guideline; most 3.5 star hotels will accept the general 2 star rate as a bid easily!
  3. RyanOdell27

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    Thanks for this information...Actually, on the occasion of Christmas, I am planning to visit US. Hope, this information would be helpful.
  4. wanderer

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    That's a good point, Toomanychoices. Just think about those hotels in Japan where you get a little capsule to sleep in, complete with a reading light and a place to sleep. But the capsule hotels do have common spaces where you can watch TV and go online. There are common floor bathrooms, too.
  5. mitraveler

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    I think it would be really fun to stay in a capsule hotel for a night or too, just to experience what Japan is like. But I'm claustrophobic, so I'm not sure I could do it!
  6. melliset

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    I think location is one of the most important things to be considered while choosing a hotel for holiday. You must know what type of accommodation you want and what your budget will permit. If I am on a short stay, location would be my concern, but for longer stays approaching a week or more location might take a back seat to amenities.
  7. Reubenteen

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    The main thing is the budget & location of the hotel. Before making a choice one should research on the internet about the availability of the rooms, stay offers & discounts, transport facility available from airport or station, check out timings. If you have some idea about the location a lot of things will get easy & your travel plan will be successful.
  8. powernick

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    yes.! m fully agree with you eurostarr and first think about the location of the hotel and surroundings..!!
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    Deciding on the best resort is always a trying process. Since every visitor has different needs when shopping for a resort, you'll need to ask yourself what's most essential to you. You should consider the solutions, place, lease, features of the place.
  10. holidayguy

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    For me,the first criteria for choosing a hotel is hygiene..Cleanliness is an inevitable factor for my stay..Everything else comes after that
  11. travelabroad

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    I try to find the best hotels for me by keeping these categories in mind:

    1. Location and safety of the surroundings
    2. Cleanliness
    3. Service
    4. Cost per night/rate
    5. Food

    Good luck!
  12. Vicolette

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    For me, cleanliness and security are at the top of the list. Adequate parking, proximity to attractions, and available services offered by the hotel like bike rentals, shuttle service, and arranging for a car rental, all important.
  13. jhoonroccks

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    These days, almost every travel company claims to offer the best packages. At times, these claims can lead to confusion, and stop you from
    making a feasible choice when going on a Vietnam holiday.
  14. neha12

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    Wherever you go one thing should be kept in mind while choosing a hotel to stay. It should be well furnished with all the amenities and an EverReady staff in your service.
  15. betty30

    betty30 New Member

    Always choose hotels near the famous attractions if want to save time. If want to stay in cheap hotel then choose a hotel somewhere out of main city from where visiting of city is easy.
  16. mitraveler

    mitraveler New Member

    That's really good advice, Betty! Sometimes you can find packages that include tickets to the attractions, so you save even more money. If it's a theme park or something with a season, you can save a ton visiting on the off season. They often have rooms to full and will do it a discount.
  17. betty30

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    Staying in Hotels which are nearby Tube stations and Airport and just a few minutes drive to popular attractions.
  18. betty30

    betty30 New Member

    I look Jacuzzi, Television, Internet and other luxurious amenities in the hotel room.
  19. betty30

    betty30 New Member

    It is always good to choose hotel near top attractions but most of the hotels nearby Airport, Tube Station or some other attractions be a little bit costly. compare and esquire about luxurious amenities and hotel charges of different hotels and then take decision to choose the best one.
  20. betty30

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    It should be cheap and add most of the common facilities. Before choosing any hotels i search on Internet and compare the prices. After this, i bargain about charges and facilities and when satisfied then only book it.

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