tips for choosing a motorbike in Laos

Discussion in 'Laos' started by NapoleonBona, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. NapoleonBona

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    Hiring a bike and hitting the road is probably the best way to enjoy Laos. A few tips I can give you include

    1) choose the right bike: hire a bike, which is at least 100 cc and semi-automatic

    2) choose the right time: the best time for exploring Laos on road is from late September to the beginning of December or after Tet Nguyen Dan, when there is almost no rain and the temperature is cool.

    3) Be well-prepared: take things like a map, first aid kit, a helmet, a motorcycle repair tool kit, which should include an extra spark-plug, etc.
  2. reigning

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    I wouldnt suggest just hitting the road in Laos until you're familiar with their roads and way of driving...even then I'd prefer to go with a tour so I wouldn't have to plan anything. Bike tours in Laos are as cheap as $90 for a whole day, including your guide.
  3. K.john

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    getting a flat rear tyre or crashing your moped is something very common because of the road conditions. Repair shops are cheap in Laos but falling off your bike and breaking your arm or leg won't be so cheap. Best you catch the bus and avoid the hassle..
  4. lowtide

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    i have toured asia on motorbike before and i would suggest just buying our own bike, if you can afford it. Depending on your finances you can pick up a brand new 125 cc scooter for about $1000. The reason I suggest this is because of renting, you would have to put a huge deposit for security.

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