tips for first timer to Gambia

Discussion in 'Gambia' started by 007bonny, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. 007bonny

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    1) Senegambia is the best place in Gambia for arranging tours

    2) Malaria meds are essential, as are some jabs - ask your GP

    3) Kololi is the main area for nightlife, shopping and finding hotels such as the Senegambia, Kairaba and Holiday Beach Club

    4) Palma Rima Road: there you will find mostly hotel/apartments like Calabash, Luigis & Palma Rima

    5) Kotu is a nice beach area with tons of beach bars
  2. TheGirl

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    A few things I would add is that the beaches in general are lovely and the weather is a constant 26--30 degrees all year with hardly any rain. As far as mobile phones, they work in The Gambia as long as you have the international roaming turned on from your network provider. Also, best you exchange money outside of the hotel for a better rate and more bang for your money.
  3. JProd

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    the best advice i can give anyone going to places like The Gambia is to lower your high expectations...we're so conditioned to expect so much everywhere else, when back home things (like safety, economy, etc) aren't even that great. No expectations = better chance at enjoying the place;)

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